Time to celebrate!!!

Un-chicken relate business first…Yay! Way to go Cardinals!!!  You make us proud!

One of my girls was sooo egg-cited about the Cardinals World Series win that she laid her first egg.  We got home from our World Series party to find a tan colored egg sitting in the coop.

I noticed Sadie sitting in the coop this afternoon instead of out with the other girls and was wondering if we were going to get another egg layer soon.  When I checked a little while later, she was gone and there was no egg.  When we got home this evening I went to check on the girls to see if they had turned in for the night and there the egg was, waiting for me.  I didn’t see Sadie lay it, but I would not be surprised that it is hers.  Now I just need to teach her to lay her egg in the nesting box!

Sadie standing in the coop right where I found the egg.

What a great day for the St. Louis Cards, and a perfect ending for me finding a beautiful egg from a first time layer!

Cluck, cluck y’all!



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