Chicken experiment continued…

Last night I decided to put a fake egg into both nesting boxes (per my prior post), to see which box Peep would lay her egg in again.  This morning I was out in the coop area and was able to finally “catch” Peep laying her egg. (Something I wanted to see for the past week and kept missing it.)  Peep was eating some greens and cooked rice I put out for a breakfast treat along side of the other girls, when she stopped eating and looked up quickly with a look that reminded me of my 4 year old when he realizes that he has to run to the bathroom.  She made her way up to the nesting boxes and climbed into the one on the right.  After sitting for a few minutes, she noticed the fake egg in the other nesting box and got up to go into that box.  She sat in the box on the left for a minute or two, looked back at the egg in the box on the right and decided to change boxes again.  (I think I may have totally confused her with a fake egg in both boxes.)  After moving to the box on the right, she settled in for the wait.  A few times she started pulling pieces of straw from the other box over to her box. (Just something to while away the time, I guess.)  After about 35 minutes of sitting, she abruptly stood up and the egg just kind of plopped down into the box with a little thud.  She looked at it for a few seconds and then just as abruptly walked away and starting eating again.  I was so thrilled to experience this for the first time. (I actually felt like passing out those bubblegum cigars or something!)  The funny thing was…I expected her to squawk or squeal or something, but she never made a sound. (I know I would have!!)

Peep settling down to business.

Wait a minute! What is that egg doing over there?! Am I in the wrong box?!

Phew!! That's a relief!

Well...that's done...back to breakfast!

When Peep first went into the nesting box to take care of business, the other girls all gathered around to cheer her on. (At least that is what I hope they were doing, I hate to think that they were all grimacing and hoping that they would never have to go through that!)  Maybe the other girls will take the hint and start laying.

Hey, whatcha doin up there girl?!

This morning marked our 7th egg from Peep and we decided to have a celebratory breakfast before heading off to church.  We had our first-ever eggs from our very own chicken!!!  It was quite a party atmosphere.

All of Peep's eggs in order laid from right to left.

The large egg from day 6 turned out to be a double yolker! Aren't they a gorgeous golden orange?!

My 4 yr old, Danny, enjoying our first-ever Peep breakfast.

Today was a good day!

Cluck, cluck y’all!


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