Doin’ a HAPPY dance!

It finally happened!  We got our very first egg.  I am just soooooo egg-cited that I could jump for joy.  My little 4 year old said he was so excited that he wanted to cry!  Surprisingly, our first egg is from our youngest, Peep, the Ameraucana.  The egg is about 2 inches long with a beautiful pale blue color and a very nice hard shell and shape.  I had to go congratulate her personally.

My Red Star, Betsy, decided to climb into one of the nesting boxes and shift some straw around.  She then sat down for a couple of minutes to test it out.  I waited, holding my breath, thinking that we were going to get another one laying and that I would witness her first egg, but she got up after a while and left the nesting box empty.  I think we are getting close though!  She was maybe giving that nesting box a test drive.

Yesterday my husband and I built a little shelter for the girls’ dust bath area.  It is about 36 inches wide and 18 inches deep.  The highest point of the roof is 28 inches tall.  This will give the girls a little shade and a wind break while they are in the hole full of dirt that they bath in.  I mixed in some sand and DE with the dirt for them to roll around in.  They were very curious and had to explore the new little addition to their run.

The girls checking out their new bath house.

While I was sitting out with the girls early this morning, Peep decided she wanted to cuddle a little and popped up to my shoulder to say goodmorning.

"Goodmorning Peep!"

I guess the perch I made for the chickens in their run is not just for chickens.  This little guest decided to visit this morning and sit on the chicken’s perch while eating some of their food.

Squirrel sitting on the chicken perch.

The girls sitting on the sidelines watching the visitor sitting on their perch…

The girls didn’t quite know what to make of the little squirrel eating their food and sitting on their perch so they decided to go into their new winter home (garage coop) to get away from it all…

The girls climbing through the window into their coop in the garage.

Cluck, cluck y’all!


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