Summer Home…Winter Home

Been very busy lately finishing up the girl’s winter home since the weather is changing so fast.  I am excited to present the new winter home for our chickens…

New coop made from used "Energizer Battery Display" we got from a grocery store.

Nesting boxes made from stacking storage trays nestled under an enclosed work table.

Ramp to the top of the work table.

My husband was able to get a used “battery display case” from the local grocery store where he works, which he modified with a new floor, ceiling, and door.  He also left me some storage space at the top.  The inside has a nice roost for the girls to perch on.  This new winter home for the girls is actually in our garage (takes up about one third of the space), and we removed one of the window panes with a ramp to the outside chicken run. The open window has a removable door that covers the opening at night to prevent predators from entering.  The girls can come and go all during the day until they come in at night to roost.  They will have lighting on to give them extra light for the shorter daylight hours which we will put on a timer.  The coop floor is lined with pine shavings and the concrete floor of the run is lined with straw.  We even have a little heater for the garage in case it gets too cold.  Now the girls have something that even we don’t have…a summer home AND a winter home!

My husband working on the new coop in the garage.

We also built a frame and door with poultry netting to enclose the garage coop so that they can’t wander around unsafely in the garage.

The girls in their newly completed winter home.

My great-niece came to visit with the chickens.  Here is a picture of Lily and Danny feeding the girls some scratch.

Danny shows Lily how to feed the chickens from his hands.

What is it about children and chickens?! They are both so adorable!

That’s all for now…

Cluck, cluck y’all!


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