Fried bugs, anyone?

For numerous reasons, I purchased and hung a very nice (and big) bug zapper for the chicken run a few days ago.  I wanted to cut down on the flies that were drawn to the chicken feed (and to their droppings).  An added bonus would be the yummy protein in the bugs that the girls could eat. (And they wouldn’t even have to run around and try to catch them!)  The zapped bugs are supposed to fall down to the ground below so I don’t have to empty it out for them.  After 3 days hanging, as I was sitting in the enclosure with the girls, I heard the bzzzzzt! of the zapper, (made me jump), and 2 of the chickens immediately ran over and started searching the ground under the zapper for the dead bug.  Wow, I was stunned at how fast the girls realized what that sound meant!  It was like a dinner bell, or a treat bell at the very least.

My husband and I were sitting watching the girls do their chicken thing when all four of them froze.  They stayed like statues for well over a minute and we started laughing and wondering what was up with them.  It was such a freaky sight to behold. All of a sudden, all four of them made a mad dash into the coop and stood there watching out the door. I heard my husband exclaim and I twisted around in time to see a huge hawk swoop down and fly along the fence of the chicken run right past us. Bold little bugger!  After 5 or 10 minutes, the girls felt safe enough to come back out by us.

Peep and Betsy sitting on my lap.

Amazingly, Peep has become our most friendly girl almost over night.  We got Peep about 2 months ago as a pullet from a feed store where she was housed with at least 30 to 40 other pullets in a small fenced in area.  Since we didn’t get her as a baby chick, she was very skittish and not used to human handling at all.  She slowly became used to us but would have a fit if you tried to touch her in any way.  So…we just left her alone and didn’t try to force anything.  In the last 3 days she is acting almost like a different chicken.  She jumps up on my lap and shoulder constantly and allows me to pet her. She chatters away at me like she is telling me something very important, and even gets up on my husband (who doesn’t spend as much time with the girls as I do).  Today, my 4 year old came into the run with me and Peep started following him around.  When Danny stopped, Peep stopped and just stood there and watched him.  When Danny ran around, Peep would run around right beside him.  It was hilarious to watch and my son was enchanted with the game.

Peep and Danny playing.

Peep standing on the back of Randy's chair.

If there is one thing I have learned about chickens…it is that they each have their own quirky little personalities and traits. And each and every one of them is my favorite!

Cluck, cluck y’all!


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