Chicken Run…

Spent the last 2 days building a new enclosure/run for the girls!  My wonderfully accommodating husband spent another of his days off sweating for the chickens by hammering 8 foot T-posts 2 foot down into the ground.  We then attached 6 foot tall welded wire fencing around a 20 foot by 18 foot area surrounding the coop.

Randy working on the chicken run.

I built a wooden door frame last night with fencing attached to it and we hung it this morning.  It works!  Now we just have to decide what to do for the covering on top.  We were thinking originally about running twine or rope back and forth (crisscross) across the top, but I don’t feel that would be secure enough from flying predators.  Especially since we now have two hawks.  Yep, the first hawk went and told his friend where to find 4 tasty chickens!

The girls hanging out while we built the new enclosure around them.

While we were attaching the door to the enclosure this morning, I heard a hawk screeching overhead.  I looked up and saw 2 hawks circling overheard.  The girls were half in and half out of their coop all staring up into the sky.  They didn’t seem quite as worried since Randy and I were in the coop area with them.

Randy in his own little cage.

As the girls went around the new enclosure checking it out, I could sense that they really felt more secure and comfortable in their new digs.  They didn’t all move together in such a tight little group like they normally do when loose in the yard.  They all ventured off on their own exploring.

Cluck, cluck y’all.




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