Chicken Rituals…

Every morning I head out to the chicken coop to begin the new chicken day and I am greeted with the same chicken ritual.  Each girl runs out from the coop into the yard with such exuberance and joy at the thought of a new day of foraging and scratching in the grass.  Catching bugs (or trying to at least). Eating grass and various weeds.  But the best part of their morning ritual release is the “chicken sumo dance”.  Yes…it can only be described as a CHICKEN SUMO DANCE!  Choosing a dance partner, the two will do a little fancy foot work, fluff out all the feathers on their head and neck, and then proceed to bounce off each others chest and bellies (just like Sumo wrestlers).  They will do this all the while changing partners until they have each squared off with each of the other girls. Necks and heads raised high to see who can be taller and who will back off first.  For a moment or two it reminds me of a Mexican standoff where each chicken is staring into the eyes of their partner to see who will draw first.  Then just as suddenly…it stops.  Just like that, they are distracted by a blade of grass or the flutter of a moth in flight, and they all take off in a lopsided walk-run-flight in that direction.  Every morning I watch this sequence of events unfold that feels uncannily like I am in my very own “Ground Hog Day”.  I never tire of this.  This is my life, and I am happy.

Mid-morning snack for the girls today consisted of chopped cherry tomatoes from my garden, chopped cucumber (courtesy of my neighbors garden), and some cottage cheese.

As you can see…they thoroughly enjoyed it!

This morning we had an unexpected visitor.  While I was sitting with the girls in the yard, a stray gray cat with half a tail wandered into the yard. Of course I did the only thing I could do in the moment…I ran after it screaming!  I think I might have used up one of its nine lives.  At least I hope so.  Actually, I am not sure what would have happened since the chickens seemed bigger than the cat and they might have ganged up on it.  It better stay away cause this mama hen will definitely protect her chicks!!!

Cluck, cluck y’all!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jeanne
    Aug 17, 2011 @ 15:18:55

    you gotta get a video of the sumo dance!


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