It’s Just Too Hot!

No relief in sight from the freakishly hot weather we have been having and it is taking its toll on not only my tomatoes but my chickens as well.  I refresh their water containers with ice blocks several times a day and leave a fan running on them day and night.  Today I pureed frozen strawberries for them to snack on as well.  Poor things are standing in ice water and laying in shallow water dishes to keep cool. I also run a mister for them to cool off if they feel the need.  We spent the whole day yesterday building an extension on to the coop/run so that the girls could have a little more room.  I don’t feel so bad leaving them in their coop when I can’t be out watching them.  It is almost too hot to sit out with them while they free range for very long.  I don’t like to let the girls out when I am not watching them as I worry about predators getting them.  Here are pics of the coop with the new addition…

The girls were quite busy inspecting the new addition while we were building it.  I could sense their approval and their curiosity.  After my husband cut the doorway into the lower wall, Frannie decided to walk through it to test for size.  (She approved.)  She stopped halfway through the doorway and tilted her head all around looking at it from all directions.  I could almost read the expression on her face…this wasn’t here a while ago was it?!?

Frannie's curious look.

Frannie's approving look.

Frannie's disapproving look.












I don’t know about anyone else, but I am hoping for rain.  Lots and lots of cooling rain!

Cluck, cluck y’all.



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