Attack Chickens!

So, this morning I am sitting with the girls…me reading emails on my phone, them scrounging as chickens do.  From the corner of my eye I see a flurry of activity and the two girls in front of me race off to join the two who are running around behind me like banshees.  I turn to the right and what do I see?  Four angry chickens just inches behind a very panicked squirrel running for his life.  They have him cornered to the point of one escape exit…through me!  I squealed and raised my legs just in time for 1 frantic squirrel and 4 determined chickens to race under my legs.  Lucky for the squirrel, he just barely made it to the fence and over before the screaming banshees pecked him to death!  They stood there at the fence daring him to return.  How dare he come into their yard and try to steal their tomatoes!!

Well, I broke down and bought a mister hose for the girls (and myself too).  My wonderfully understanding husband helped me to attach it to the frame of the tent canopy we have in front of the chicken coop.  Now we have a fan blowing a cooling mist into the area in front of the coop and the temperature is at least several degrees cooler than without it.  Hopefully, this freaky hot weather will ease up soon!  In the mean time, the girls are enjoying frozen strawberries and lots of cooling veggies.

Here are the girls standing in cold water trying to cool off their feet.  Looks good…I may join them!

Frannie, Betsy, Sadie, and Peep cooling off their tootsies.


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