A Good Day!

The girls actually made a little progress today towards their integration.  Once again we tried letting all four chickens free-range together in the yard today.  I was so discouraged the last couple of times we tried it, but I am happy to say that they played fairly well this time.  Can chickens understand us?!  I am beginning to think so.  Every time Frannie or Sadie would try to go after Peep (the new girl), I would use a stern voice and call their name.  Immediately they would stop in their tracks. glance at me, and do something else.  I could tell several times that they would look at me to see if I was watching or not.  I wouldn’t trust them alone, but it was definitely an improvement.

Mostly, Frannie and Sadie stayed to themselves.

And, Betsy and Peep stayed to themselves.  Just like young girl cliques in high school!

Occasionally, they would all stand close enough to mingle, but mostly it ended up like this…

poor Peep wanting to join them but on the outside looking in a lot of the time.  I felt so sorry for her.

Today I served a treat of some chopped cabbage and banana pieces with some flax seed sprinkled on top.  A hen’s version of a banana split.  They loved it and gobbled it right down.

This is my husband taking a break from yard work to watch the chickens doing their stuff.

Randy watching chicken TV.

Cluck,  cluck y’all!


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