Now serving…apple cider vinegar, lavender/mint tea, and lots of humectation.

Freakishly hot weather makes for VERY unhappy chickens!  It is amazing all of the different things that chicken-obsessed owners will go through to ensure that their babies are somewhat comfortable.  I have learned so many good tips and ideas from my chicken friends that I would love to share with you.  This morning I put a small amount of apple cider vinegar mixed with cold water into a couple of glazed clay pots for the girls and they loved it.  At first, they acted like they didn’t know what the pot was for and just ignored it.  Then Betsy accidentally stepped into the shallow dish and did a double take. (I could almost hear her thoughts…”gee, my feet are wet”!)  She looked down and decided to take a sip.  YUMMY!  She stood in the water for several minutes just drinking.  Eventually, Peep ran over to see what she was missing and started slurping down the water also.  ACV is very healthful for the chicken.

Peep and Betsy roaming around in the backyard.

At the suggestion of some wise chicken peeps, I also brewed a pot of lavender and mint tea last night and refrigerated it for the girls to try this afternoon.  Suppose to be healthy for them as well as refreshing in this heat. And I hear that chickens love this stuff too!  I am going to try some lemon balm, sage, and basil tea for the girls soon.

Peep is finally growing back some feathers on her back (under her wings) where I think she was picked on at the farm where she came from.  In fact, she is starting to grow the cutest little curled up tail.  Almost reminds me of a duck butt.

Peep's cute little duck butt!

I am still working on trying to get the girls integrated together in the coop.  Not much luck so far, and I am getting frustrated.  I have Sadie and Frannie roaming in the tomato garden and Betsy and Peep are roaming in the yard.  If I try to put them together then Sadie and Frannie will try to attack Peep still.  I am so looking forward to all of them in the same coop!

Sadie and Frannie relaxing under a tomato plant.

After several days of 100 degree temps with heat indexes up to 118 degrees, we finally had a little rain yesterday which cooled off things a tad.  Today we are back up to 90 which almost seems cool compared to the last few days.  Poor chickens!  Well, I am off to give them some afternoon treats.  Shaved carrots and cabbage with a little bit of apple thrown in for good measure.  Bon appetit girls!

Cluck, cluck y’all!


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