Newest member of the flock…

There is a new girl on the block!  Meet Peep…

Peep, a 2 month old Ameraucana.

My Gertie turned out to be a Henry and went back to live on the farm where we got him.  We brought Peep home 2 days ago.  Betsy gets along with her just fine, but Frannie and Sadie want to attack and terrorize poor little Peep.  Right now, Betsy and Peep are together in a big dog kennel next to the run so they can all see each other.  Betsy wanted to be with Frannie and Sadie, so I let her go visit for a while in the coop but Peep got all upset that her new friend wasn’t with her anymore.  Peep paced back and forth making tiny peeping noises the whole time Betsy was next door.  I finally put Betsy back in with Peep, but now Betsy does the pacing back and forth watching Frannie and Sadie.  Oh dear!  I just want them all to be good friends and get along.  I hope I didn’t make a mistake by moving Betsy in with Peep.  I just felt so sorry for her being left out and being alone.  Am I possibly attributing too many complex emotional (and human) feelings to these birds?!

Poor little Peep’s back (under her wings) is featherless. I didn’t notice it when I first got her until we got home.  I think she was probably picked on by the other girls in the run where I got her.  She did seem more timid and certainly smaller than the other pullets that were with her.  Maybe that is why my heart went out to her and I had to have her.  I am a little aggravated at Frannie and Sadie’s mean welcome of her.  Especially Frannie, since she was the new girl a couple of weeks ago and the others took her in with absolutely no problem at all.  I never even had to separate them.

Girls and their cliques! What are you gonna do?!  Oh well, I think I am the one who will be suffering the most for the next couple of weeks.


Cluck, cluck y’all!


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