Cottage Cheese and a Chick Magnet…

Danny, my 4 year old "chick Magnet"!

Danny loves his chicks!  (I know, I know…sort of tacky isn’t it?!)

Darn this rain!  I think the girls are as tired of rain as I am.  I’m sure they are wanting to get out into the yard, but I don’t let them free range in the yard unless I am out there with them and I don’t like sitting in the rain.  I did try to give them a special treat since they are not let out of the run.  I discovered that my girls love, Love, LOVE cottage cheese!  It is so funny to watch them dig into a little bowl of cottage cheese.  When they see it coming they sort of go nuts. They do this little funky chicken dance and sing.  Then they trample each other to get to the bowl first.  Chunks of cottage cheese go flying through the air and when they raise their heads they have white all around their beaks.  It reminds me of the “Got Milk?” ads.  (“Got Cottage Cheese?!”)

Cluck, cluck y’all!


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