Baby, it’s HOT outside!

Most of yesterday was spent trying to ease some of the heat for my girls.  My husband (Randy) spent his day off working on my latest ideas for the birds.  We cut a new window into the back side of the coop and built a little roof/awning over it to keep out rain, so the girls could have even more air-flow.  On top of that, we put up a tent/awning type cover to provide extra shade from the late afternoon soon.  We had a searing 97 degree temp with a heat-index of 105 yesterday, and we are expecting much of the same today.

Extra shade on the coop.

I also started putting frozen blocks of ice into the waterer to keep the  water cooler.  I noticed that the girls spent some time staying close to the water can to get some of the coolness coming off of it.

Ice block in the water can.

Betsy cooling her feet off on the water cooler.

The only problem with the girls trying to get on top of the water can is that they occasionally poop into the water, which of course has me constantly changing the water several times a day.  Any suggestions on how to keep them off the top of the water can would be most appreciated!!

Frannie (on the left) giving me the "evil' eye.

I thought about putting a fan on them, but Randy thought that the next thing I would want to try is air conditioning.  My neighbor thinks that the chickens are going to have it better then any of us at this rate.  Do I worry too much?!

Cluck cluck y’all!


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  1. Angela Collins
    Jul 04, 2011 @ 18:15:43

    good idea with the ice block! i think we’ll try that as well. we’re also in stl and i do put an industrial type fan outside to blow in their run. i’m also accused of worrying too much, but it really does seem to help! 🙂 a couple other things we do is to add a shallow pan of cool water they can step through to cool their feet & feed them frozen watermelon in the afternoon – which they love! i cut out most of the fruit for us, but leave some on the rind and put it in a freezer bag.


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