Things that go bump in the night…

Well, the girls made it through their first night in the great big scary outdoors. It was touch and go at first, but this morning they seemed to be back to business as usual.  I checked on them 3 times last night. (Talk about a worried mother hen!)

Betsy was the first to notice that the sun was setting.  She started making little worried chirp noises and stood next to the ramp to their sleeping quarters.  But she couldn’t seem to get the others to follow her up and she was a little scared to go by herself.  Pretty soon Betsy had the other girls a little worked up and they all were standing there looking scared and worried and making the same worried chirp noises.  I tried to show them just where they were supposed to go, but out of fear they kept scurrying down into the run.  After about 10 minutes of this, I decided to put them in their bedroom and block the doorway out to the run.  At first, they were all chirping loudly and crowding each other at the window to see me, so I started our nightly ritual of humming them to sleep. After a minute or two, they calmed down and each found a spot to retire.  Many coos and sighs later, I was able to remove the piece that blocked the doorway so that they could get into the run when the first light of dawn showed its face in the morning.

Now for the really silly part…I had such a hard time sleeping from worrying about the girls in the night.  I kept dreaming that it started snowing and that they were freezing their little chicken butts off.  (Imagine that…snow at the end of June?!)  Bright and early this morning, I popped out of bed and fairly ran to the coop to check on my girls.  They hardly noticed my grand entrance at all and went right back to hunting and pecking in the run.  Silly me!!

Sadie found a worm!  It was hysterical to see her running around the coop with Betsy, Frannie, and Gertie in tow trying to snatch away her prize.  Every time she stopped to try to get the worm into her mouth the others were right there trying to grab it away.  She was making the funniest little angry peeps while not letting go of her meal. She finally got backed into a corner by the three worm burglars, but with a little twitch of her head, the worm was safely in her belly.  Disappointed, the other girls sadly went in search of their own worms.

Cluck cluck y’all!


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